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Introducing my new series showcasing New England Lighthouses. (Borden Flats Light by Drone)

Starting with Borden Flats Light in Fall River, MA (Part 1) and leading up to the full video release. Part 2 coming soon.

Fun Fact: The Butler Flats lighthouse is privately owned and maintained, and it's open to the public for overnight stays, offering a chance to experience the life of a 19th-century light keeper in a modern and comfortable setting. The lighthouse consists of 5 levels, featuring antiques and lighthouse memorabilia. The first level has a kitchen, the second level houses a living room, the third level includes a TV room/den, the fourth level has a queen-sized bedroom, and the fifth level boasts a lantern room with stunning views of Mount Hope Bay, Braga Bridge, and the city of Fall River.

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BEAUTIFUL!!! Love to see these places in person, maybe one day.

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